The start of something wonderful!



This is Curious Bluster!!

This blog is going to be jam-packed with AWESOME writers and their take on all things writing, blogging, editing — the whole damn lot!


I have for you a long list of authors, some bestsellers, some newer to the writing world, but all talented and willing to share little pockets of juicy information with you!

There will be regular bloggers who will chat monthly with you. We have our very own editor here to lend you advice. Naughty, racy authors, cheeky authors and some a little less raunchy that will intrigue us with their musings.

We will have monthly GUEST spots for a chance to hear from new authors and ‘meet’ new books and characters for your TBR.

This blog is going to be fully interactive. SO go ahead and chat!


I hope you will enjoy what we have on offer.

COME BACK on July 1st for our very FIRST post!!


Kerrianne xx