When the words won’t come…

Post by Kerrianne Coombes


Hi guys. Here’s my first post for Curious Bluster, and I am SO EXCITED to be here, chatting to you.

When I came up with the idea of Curios Bluster, I wanted it to be a place where writers share their experiences of life and writing with you all. Be that funny stories or heart-wrenching tales of rejection and sadness—or just ‘hey guys, listen to this’…I wanted CB to be interesting and varied. Hence the AWESOME list of writers I have put together Full list at bottom of my post. This will be fun

That said, I had plans of making my first post a light-hearted funny, but actually, I don’t think I will. I’ll start off as I mean to go on…

I have written and published ten books. I LOVE writing and building stories, so much so, I do it in my sleep (I have woken up to the feel of my fingers moving in a typing motion…)  I am proud of what I do and I have a very supportive family and friend circle that actually read my stuff. 😉

That said, I HAVE BEEN SO ‘BLOCKED’ lately. I’m not sure I like the term ‘blocked’ but it does fit what I’m going through.

I have stories in my head, I even have the entire plot mapped out for two full books, but every time I sit to write……… It just won’t happen!

It’s like constipation of the words. LOL

I find any excuse not to write. The house needs tidying, the food shop needs doing, the T.V is calling my name… My pinkie finger hurts a bit. OOH! A SHINY!  Seriously, I have come up with all the reasons on the planet, even one involving Channing Tatum and… Cough well, anyway…

What is most confusing is that I WANT to write. I am actually excited by the ideas I have in my head, so much so, that I get that silly adrenaline rush in my stomach—you know the one—where you feel it fizz through your veins and up your spine. (I hope that’s not just me) But when I sit at my computer, it all …. Stops… like, dead. … Meh…


Come on guys, help a girl out. Have you ever had ‘writers block’? And how do you deal with it?

K xx


Heres the full list of monthly authors. Their dates will be the same EVERY month.

1-2 Kerrianne Coombes

3-4  GUEST POST (Stacey Kennedy is July’s guest blogger)

5-6 Lee Ann Somtheimer Murphy

7-8 Holly Jodie Gill

9-10 Alex Anthony

11-12 Amanda Jane Ward

13-14 Lynde Lakes

15-16 Lacie Nation

17-18 Tamara Hoffa (Editor and author)

19-20 Cheryl Ann Grimm Maskowitz

21-22 Jilian Chantal

23-24 S. J. Maylee

25-26 Dawne Dominique  (Cover artist  and author)

27-28 Morgan Wyatt

29-30 Beth D Carter.

31st  GUEST



Come back often, there will always be a post for you xx I hope you enjoy our Curious Bluster xx

Kerrianne Coombes




3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. S.J. Maylee
    Jul 01, 2014 @ 21:03:58

    Three big cheers for bringing us together. Thank you, Kerrianne. Ten books, that’s awesome. I have four out now and I actually already have the next 6 started. That’s a lot of WIPs, lol. I know what it takes for me to finish a book and it’s a bit daunting.

    It sounds like your muse is ready, but you’re not. Interesting. Maybe try some visualization of you typing away and loving your story. Then, type whatever you’re thinking, story or not. I hope you find something that works for you.


  2. Holly J Gill
    Jul 02, 2014 @ 10:51:57

    Thank you Kerrianne. Wow, ten books well done, that is pretty cool. I have written so many books and all drafts, and wish new ideas would stop popping up and making me leave me past works. I am soon looking at book 5 to be published.

    Nothing worse than when you muse is calling to you, and your mind just isn’t in the right frame, it will work out, hang in there x


  3. Lacie Nation
    Jul 03, 2014 @ 00:57:39

    I know just where you’re coming from! It’s so infuriating. The idea is there, he’ll a whole freaking chapter is there, but it just won’t come out. I try making a mock up cover or finding a picture of what my characters look like. Sometimes it helps. Unless my husband is on vacation for a week…then nothing helps. Lol


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