Holly Jodi Gill

Hello and thank you for visiting, I am delighted to be taking part in the Curious Bluster! With some many amazing authors, who I will be also getting to know too.


Let me tell you a little about myself and how I make the time to write my books.


I live a busy lifestyle, like most authors who find the time in the spare time to dedicate their time to writing, for me writing is a hobby so I try and fit it in where I can. I personally love writing and, no matter what, I try to write a little each day, whether it’s a few words or pages, at least something is down. My current day job is working as a care assistant in a residential home (retirement home) in my home town, luckily I only work two full days of twelve hours shifts, which are exhausting and dealing with dementia, leaving me with plenty of time running around my family, husband, housework and other million and one errands to do. Writing is like an addiction to me while also checking on social media for any potential promotions. I write mainly erotic fiction, but have been, tasting new areas recently, I have enjoyed. My current published works is a series called Desires, with 4 books available now, so please do check them out.


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