Keeping Track

Hi guys xx

Hope you’re all well xx


I was writing book 6 and 7 of my demon tales, this week and i started to really feel like i had brain ache from trying to keep up with ALL of my characters, their interactions and activities and events that link each one of them together. It has become a work of intricate threads that is spreading across my desk in a white wave of paper and post-its.

I am writing the next two books in my series as ‘Chapter Ends’ to the Whole ‘Fairy Tale’ theme, and also i am writing a beginning to ‘Demon Tales’ –stories that are not tied to an old Fairy Tale. They will essentially be the same, but i am doing this so i can keep the series going for longer. I have A LOT of characters you guys have met, and have yet to meet, in these books and i want to make sure i maximise their stories but no longer wrapping them into a tight ‘recognisable’ Fairy Tale of old…


That said, I began to wonder how i was going to keep up with the books, the stories and characters when i start to add more–and there will be more!! Put it this way, i see no end in sight for The Demon Tales. 

So, i came up with this nifty card file idea, where i have a card for each Demon Tale, a colour for each book, and whenever there is an interaction between books, i just search for the colour on the cards and i can ‘see’ what happened that linked them.

This is SOOOOOOO much better than relying on my memory. I am hoping this new idea will help with first draft mistakes and help me make the entire writing process a lot more simple.

I never thought i’d write a large series of books, i never planned for The Demon Tales to be so BIG in my mind, but my muse adores her demons and each day she is introducing me to another one. I just wish i could write as fast as they ‘arrive’ in my mind.


How do you keep a track on your writing or even, your life? Id love to hear your tips on ‘keeping track’

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