Research By Holly J Gill

All writers need to do some form of research for a novel they are about to write, whether its location, your character, jobs, or lifestyle to help make the novel more constructive and give vision to the reader. Research gives the writer teeth, gives it vital impact and makes it believable. Some research can be harder in one book and simple in another, depending on the intensity of the book or how deep you take it. I recently had to research Intensive care, although myself I have been in such a situation, being the patient, but it was more looking at the angle from the partners eyes, seeing the equipment that can be very alarming, the sounds of the machines, sounding frightening and worrying intensively about your loved one, all had to be a contributing factor. Let alone, when the patient finally, woke, that bit I could write from experience, never an easy task, but written from the heart, which can always make book even better. We as writers don’t always know everything, and it’s vital that we learn, knowledge, resource and give the valuable time to gather information in our writing time.

I myself have many different sources for gathering information to help charge my creative juices, firstly once the idea comes into my head, it’s developing that character, getting vision and locating that very person you can see in your mind, I use Pinterest, Google, Facebook, magazines. I was sat at work one shift and a service user has a daily newspaper that comes with a magazine and there was a female in there that I saw, liked the look of and was perfect for the look of the character and therefore, I asked the service user if I could have the picture, and she agreed, knowing I am a writer out of work, she felt she contributed to my novel, she did, the main character. Places I have visited, with the resources of doing a little back ground of the surrounding perimeter, although being a writer we also have the freedom to put things in place, eg, the location of the hall I used recently in my WIP, was the hall and its spectacular land, only on the farmland next to the hall was a large barn belonging to another, I moved the barn onto the halls land, we all shift things to make the book more adventurous and after all we all need that extra spice.

Other guides of research, read, read and read, and write, write and write after all we all learn from each other and develop our knowledge, it can be fun or hard, but the harder the more challenging and also can be made a better read

No matter what you are researching, happy researching!



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