Alexandra Anthony

A few things I’ve discovered about being an Author

by Alexandra Anthony


When I started writing professionally a little over two years ago, I’ve learned a lot. Most of it has been through trial and error…ok, maybe through a LOT of error. Each and every day has taught me a valuable lesson as I stumble through this crazy world of writing. And it can be a crazy ride.


I’ve found that you can’t take yourself too seriously. Correction: you can’t take yourself seriously AT ALL. I’d like to think I’m still the same person I was two years ago. I’m flawed, I make a lot of silly missteps and I still have a lot of the same self-doubts (with a few new insecurities added in for extra spice). I know I’m a work in progress and I have really good days…and I have bad ones too. But throughout it all, I never fail to learn a new lesson and the tiny errors help mold me as I keep plugging away.


I also learned you will never please everyone as an author. And in turn, I’ve discovered you can’t write to please your readers. Technically you can…but you’ll sacrifice your creativity and the integrity of your characters. It will also show in your writing. It becomes forced and stale. I have to write the story true to the hero and heroine. It won’t work if you don’t. I just hope my readers will enjoy the ride along with me.


This goes hand in hand with the above statement. You can’t force the writing process either. I have dealt with crippling bouts of writer’s block this year. It’s frustrating, but the more I push it, the worse it becomes. I find myself writing many things and working on many projects. It does help break up the block a bit…but like with anything else, it will have to work itself out on its own.


The most important thing I’ve learned is to never stop writing. As soon as the creative process slows down, everything falls apart. Even if I only write 200 words today, I’m still working and creating. And that’s the most important thing.


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