Birthdays By Amanda Ward



It’s a strange fact that my birthday falls right in the middle of the school holidays. So, now that I’m an adult I make sure that as a family we are on holiday. There is the added bonus of course that my wedding anniversary is four days earlier (double pressies yay!).

So what makes the ideal birthday?

Not being woken up at 5am by your dna with a milky and sugarless mug of tea, and letting you know that they’ve made breakfast for you and can’t reach to turn the tap off! Internally cringing as you drink their lovingly made tea and making sounds of ‘Mmm. Best ever’ and grumbling whilst shuffling downstairs, look at the wonderful mess they’ve made of the kitchen, turning the tap off, putting the tv on for said dna and shutting the kitchen door. After all it is your birthday and why should Mr ‘snoring his head off in bed whilst all the chaos is going on’ miss out on the fun? Climb back into bed with cold feet to the satisfaction of hearing him yelp, mumble ‘Oh it’s your birthday, couldn’t you have a lay in for a change?’ roll over and fall back to sleep.

That is an extreme example. In our family, birthdays are celebrated with presents and cards in the morning, meal of the birthday girl/boy’s choice and a trip to the cinema. Of course cake and ice cream feature in the line-up too. There have been some corkers in my home over the past twelve years, and we look forward to many more.

However be warned that when your child goes to their first birthday party make sure you get the correct present. When my eldest went to her first one, I asked the mother for suggestions about a gift. So she said Pooh. Now being me, I didn’t hear the h on the end, and went to a joke shop to buy lots (and lots) of fake poo, beautifully wrapped them and took them to the party feeling somewhat pleased with myself. The smile dropped into the ground when I noticed the amount of Winnie the Pooh memorabilia around the house. Needless to say the little girl was fairly shocked after unwrapping our gift.

So what does this year have in store? Well sensibly our anniversary presents to each other are slippers. After all, a couple in their 40s and 50s do need a comfy pair to throw at the tv when an annoying advert crops up, its also the day we go on holiday, and hubby has promised me a meal out that night (yay). As for my own birthday present from hubby. His idea of an external storage drive for my laptop is one I have asked to shelve until Christmas. So now he’s in a major grump and says I am unbuyable for…MOI? I’m easy to buy for. It’s just that I really don’t know what I need or would like this year. Books? I have loads on my TBR pile. A day off perhaps? No, I’ll get bored. Jewellery? I wear the same ones every-day. Chocolate? Nope, brings me out in spots (grr). Wine? Nope have plenty left from Christmas that hasn’t been drunk.

So yes I admit it. I am at a loss. What could darling grumpy and my children get me for my 43rd birthday? If you have any answers please leave them in the comments section and I’ll pass them onto him. If one of them is Richard Armitage for a day…then YES PLEASE! Just give me fair warning and I’ll have hubby working overtime that day.



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