Lacie Nation

Hello, all. I hope everyone is well. Today I’m going to talk about stress and how that impacts my writing. To say I’ve been stressed the last few weeks would be an understatement. I’ll spare you the woe is me story though. Anywho, that stress has impacted my writing…I mean it has gotten to me so badly that I haven’t written a word in over a week! I know, right? That’s unacceptable. Here’s the thing though. When I have 42,583 other things banging around in my brain, the ideas wither away. To say that stress has caused writer’s block would be an understatement. It’s the Great freaking Wall of China, okay. *Sighs* Maybe after this week I’ll have some answers and can stop worrying about everything. I know this was more of a vent session, but hey, a girl’s gotta get it off her chest sometimes, right? I hope you all have a wonderful day! Until next time.


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