To Love A Bad Boy. By Cherrie Mack

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To Love A Bad Boy.

Okay ladies, when you read that line, a picture formed in your mind—didn’t it? Whether it was the first guy who broke your heart or the overly tattooed, swear lovin, motorcycle riding hunk you always wanted but were afraid to pursue. Maybe it’s the latest hero in one of your favorite reads, or a hero you read years ago who stays with you no matter how you try to shake him. The bottom line is, we all love a bad boy at one time or another. Why are they so appealing? Their arrogant, conceited, confidant and most times they completely cross the line. They make us squirm, feel flush and shake our heads but we love them don’t we?

But, what if we’re on the wrong side of a bad boy?—hence the name, bad. They hurt us, make us angry, tempting us back only to do it again. Uh—huh. It’s the ole rinse and repeat situation. I think we’ve all been through this crap. So what makes the bad boy hero so appealing in books? It’s the ability to finally pin him down. Our heroine gets to do all the things we wish we could, with the right result. She gets to spin his head, not fall for his act, give him a run for his money and finally win him over. He miraculously wakes up, realizes he’s an ass and decides to woo our heroine to the point of nauseam. And just when you think it’s over, she gives in and they live happily ever after. God I love that!

So, have you a bad boy you still dream about? What character is impossible for you to shake? Tell me about him and why you’re hooked for a chance to receive free copy of my latest paranormaI romance, A Late Summer Bloom-Witches Of The Bayou.


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